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Scope of our solution

It’s a totally smart choice, which is activated so far in which the vehicle is below 5 km / h, and therefore does not compromise the safety of rider, from his vehicle, the goods transported or third . You can turn on and off the vehicle engine from your own computer or phone with a security key.

The panic button is installed inside the cabina. It will alert by cellphone and e-mail, providing the name of the unit or economic number and the time and place where it is being pressed.

An option which allows you to listen the cabin environment of your vehicle by telephone.

You can that have direct communication throught , receiving or sending multiple messages with instructions or requesting information directly to their pilots to increase service and customer care, optimize company resources and in parallel, achieving cost reduction and increasing revenues.

CWe have a variety of sensors that meet specific needs of your operation, such as:

  • Temperature sensor for refrigerated cargo.
  • Sensor coupling and uncoupling.
  • Sensor opening and closing of doors.
  • Fuel level sensor.

Logistics and Administration

Our system generates various reports that will help you have a proper control over their costs and inputs.

All our reports show information per day and total, with the option to export to PDF or Excel.

You can chose the top speed spending and the system automatically shows how many times each car exceeded the speed entered and deducted point for every excess .Thus we can see graphically who is using vehicles inappropriately to punish and best drivers.

You cau see the information of the vehicles you have selected and the system automatically displays the exact total Kilometers per day and total Kilometres traveled on selected days of each vehicle.

Specific fuel performance of each vehicle, the type of fuel it uses (if gasoline or diesel) and the fuel price is entered. The system displays the consumption based on the distance covered, showing the amount in pesos equivalent liters for each day spent by each vehicle, and the total for the selected days.

You can program the mileages or times each engine specific service or maintenance of each vehicle and the system will alert you when approaching them, detailing the name of the unit and the corresponding service which approximates.

Report all stops made by a vehicle in a given period of time, the direction of occurrence and duration thereof. It can be programmed to see only stops that exceed a certain period of time, eg see only stops that lasted more than 15 minutes.

You can have details of each of the journeys made by the vehicle per day, indicating location and start time and place and time ended, maximum travel speed, average speed of travel and duration of the tour.

You can chose excessive speed level and the system automatically shows the total of speeding for each selected day, and the average speed and maximum speed circulated.


Automatic alarms

The system can be programmed to send alerts in case some kind of event happen, you are alerts can be received as:


SMS message to the phone.

Notification on the platform.

The alert details:

Name of the unit.

Alert time.

Specific direction and lace where it happened.

Map showing the current location of the unit.

Our alarms have the following characteristics:

Panic button: Installed inside the cabin. He immediately alert within seconds after being pressed.

Prolonged stops: Will alert you when the vehicle is stationary in one place for more than a preprogrammed time period.

Speeding: The user has the option of scheduling speeding for each unit and receive alerts when a vehicle to exceed them.

Out of route or area (Geofences): Will alert you when the vehicle enters or leaves a specific or unauthorized area and if you deviate from your pre-set route area.

Offline GPS: Will alert at the time the vehicle GPS is turned off, providing the user with information when they are trying to disconnect the equipment.

Sensors (optional): According to the sensor that is plugged, for example, temperature, indicate maximum or minimum reached, cold chain monitoring, open or closed door sensor, disengaged dredge, open container, etc.

Alerts maintenance and services: Le will recall through an alert sent to your email address that specific maintenance is required for a unit.

Events pre-programmed: Option to designate the unit alerted to an event necessary for the operation of the user.

Server Security and Co-location

The data center (CDA) is a set of facilities, devices, application programs, resources and personnel specialized, integrated for the end customer to interact with their customers, with high levels of security and integrity of information.
The data center has diversificacos means physical and logical level on separate routes. The highest availability of redundant fiber optic access in Monterrey and Mexico.
The data center has redundant ring and is within our principal Back Bone.

Tier III power redundancy.

More than 1500 mts. false floor.

ISO 9000 certified, which ensures quality services in the data center.

ITIL based processes and methodologies.


The services have the following characteristics within the CDA:

Closed loop monitoring.

Security Guards 7 × 24.

Restricted access.

Redundant power (UPS and emergency plant) Tier III.

Climate control.

Fire Control.

Proactive support at the network level.

IP addresses.