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Our platform where our crawlers report and devices used Microsoft and Google technologies, which allows you to integrate information from your ERP system management simple and easy way, also have a development methodology (FrameWork) standard on the market gives you count on reliable information and content at all times.alianzas-plataforma

Our servers have safety standards SOC and NOC, ie we HVAC comply with global standards that ensure high availability , so your information is secure and available all the time.alianzas-seguridad

Employees in safety, GNP certifies that our equipment meet the standards tracking via GPRS and GPS for your vehicle fleet and cargo so that they are safe for the road, allowing minimize contingencies and providing benefit in reducing costs to you in premiums and deductibles.alianzas-equipos

GPS Secure, offers a value added service to its customers, C-TPAT is a joint initiative between the American government and the private sector which aims to build cooperative relationships that strengthen the security of the entire supply chain security borders. C-TPAT recognizes that Customs can provide the highest level of security through close cooperation between the owners of the supply chain: importers, carriers, customs brokers, warehouses, and manufacturing companies. Through this initiative, Customs is asking importing companies in the United States to strengthen their security practices and communicate to your business partners along the supply chain its guidelines regarding safety.alianzas-cruzando-fronteras-y-cumplimiento