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What is GPS Technology?

The Global Positioning System Global Positioning System (GPS) developed by the United States, has massively built all kinds of jobs that require a thorough precision in determining the position is a boat, an airplane, a car, an explorer or an iceberg on our planet.

The basis of this system consists of a set of 21 satellites that are at all times in an orbit around the Earth. These satellites broadcast their signal for 24 hours a day. Receiving several of these signs is allowing the portable GPS (the size of a pocket transistor), calculate its location on Earth. A greater number of satellites “visible” by the device, the more accurate the calculations. With successive positions, the receiver can supply other derived data as accurate and our relative position, velocity or displacement navigation, how we change course to reach our destination, and other options.

How does GPS satellite tracking device GPSSECURE work?

We have a highly versatile, user-friendly and easy to use platform. It is a dynamic platform because we provide constant maintenance and updating it to always be at the forefront of technology and provide real solutions to the changing needs of our customers.

Focused primarily on managing your unit, do much emphasis on creating logistical reports that are useful to the user. The degree of accuracy of the information presented, the speed in which we generate and display the graph of these, make the ideal tool to efficiently manage their GPS.

The user has the ability to manage your GPS itself, create groups, create sub-users, assign permissions, parameterized reports, create geofencing and landmarks, etc., thus achieving full control of its monitoring system.

For these and many other reasons, our platform is by far the best location system available in the market.

Does the installation of GPS tracking equipment Secure affect the vehicle warranty?

No, not lose guarantee the vehicle or unit to which it will install, considering that jobs are done up in the same car agencies at the request of customers, the installation is based on diagrams of the vehicle make, to allow make the appropriate connections.

If the equipment is off the vehicle does it still working?

Yes, the GPS continues still transmitting the vehicle off, since the power supply of the device is low power, allowing continue operating even in this condition.

Where does it take energy to run?

The power supply for the GPS is taken directly from the battery or tablet accessories, as applicable standards and vehicle warranty.

If the equipment is disconnected from the vehicle does the battery still working?

Yes, because if it is disconnected the GPS battery, an alert is sent notifying the event, in addition, the device has an internal lithium battery, which allows it to continue transmitting for a period of 48-60 hours autonomy.

What if the vehicle is in a covered place?

The triangular sign with GPRS Cellular antennas, emitting a blue circle at the location platform, which only varies its accuracy within 200-500 meters.

What if the vehicle is in an area with no cell coverage?

The equipment has an internal memory chip, allowing tale lies in signal again, send the report of its last position and current.

What type of vehicles can you install satellite tracking equipment?

The equipment can be installed in any vehicle or object or surface motion or no motion, which requires reporting through telemetry.

Does the equipment have nationwide coverage?

Yes, have national and international coverage.

Where can I buy satellite tracking equipment?

Through our website, or through a consultant who will analyze and proposal according to customer needs.

What are the payment options?

We offer rental and sales plan.

Does the tracking equipment have some kind of accessory?

The GPS equipment has the necessary ports to enable four different additional modules that run on the same platform as door sensor, Fuel Sensor, Temperature Sensor, camera, RFID. These are in addition to the tracker.

What kind of alarms and notifications manages satellite tracking equipment of GPSSECURE?

Alarms are determined by the customer or user. We have over 40; among the most recommended and really provide value to information they are:

  1. SOS Button
  2. Engine running
  3. Engine shutdown
  4. Power cut
  5. Court antenna
  6. Speeding
  7. Report high temperature
  8. Lower temperature
  9. Output geoference
  10. Entrance to geoference

Just for mention a few.

What kind of computer handle?

One of the devices that we use, is a model TSL8P aluminum shell made of heat-resistant and impact, particularly for rugged use, with 3G technology. We also have another range of equipment for different applications and services.

What guarantees do we handle?

Unlimited guarantee on the computer during the business relationship against defects in material or components.

Can you consult via internet?

If the system platform used is through the web, in fixed platform on a PC or on the mobile platform. For IO, Android and BlackBerry

How can I check via internet?

Through a username and password assigned prior hiring the service.

What time is the area of ​​online and telephone support?

Our support area is open from 6:00 to 24:00. We are in the process of implementing a 24/7.

Does immobilizer vehicle?

Yes, the vehicle can be locked remotely, either through a command or an instruction to the GPS; reactivation occurs equally.

Do you have emergency support? (Theft)

The information security policy with which the service is sold, the customer is solely for that reason No, just the end user or customer is responsible for contacting the authorities to manage any contingency THEFT.

Can I create geofence?

Yes, you can create the input and output geofencing.

Does the locator with panic button?

Affirmative, it has panic button, which is installed so as not to be visible and allow use in case of a real emergency.

Can I create additional accounts?

The administrator account that is generated Serbian recruitment, creates various mirror or additional accounts with the roles and powers determined by the administrator of it, as a single query, or monitoring.

What time intervals reported locator?

The equipment reports according to parameters to be given in the service we provide is every 60 seconds in case of contingency can be every 10 seconds.

Who is our map provider?

We use Google Maps and mapping INEGI.

Who is our telephone provider?

The telephone provider may be requested by the client; However, our recommendation is to TELCEL for the infrastructure of antennas and repeaters, and road coverage.

How long does it take to install?

The average time is from 1:10 to 1:40 pm in basic project, which is the team GPS (tracking and tracing). For additional modules, such as sensors, the duration is from 2:30 to 3:30 hours, depending on the requirements specified by the customer.

They can be installed outside office hours?

Yes we can, we can also be installed on the customer’s location, in their work areas or patios in other cities, in the car dealership or where required, provided you have the security environment.

Are the reviews have a cost?

To determine the fault, we proceed to the recovery of the review or guarantee.

Do you have some extra cost for foreign facilities?

Yes, the facilities generate foreign travel costs and per diem of technical staff, so it is necessary to cover those costs by the client. Or make payment scheme to include it in the proposed start of operations with the customer.

Do you have any certification?

 Currently we have allies who certify our device to carriers that use it (CTPAT, BASS, NEC).

Where the equipment is installed?

The equipment is installed in a hidden way in a random area, it is not always in the same place and depends on the type of unit.
We also have other devices: for people or portable motorcycle and containers.